The Agret Shop

Purveyor of Historic Goods & Accoutrements


While we continue to increase our product line, and become a medium tech business, we are happy to accept your order in many formats. The simplest way is to just e-mail us and let us know what you would like. If you include a delivery address, we would be happy to send a final price (including taxes and shipping) to you.

Of course you can also mail, fax, or call us. See our contact information, for the particulars. When we receive your order, we will hold it until we receive your payment. While we are a trusting lot, we usually only offer credit to companies that provide Purchase Orders, or that have established a good business relationship with us.  

Pricing and Payment:

We are a small business that tries to provide a high quality product line at reasonable prices.  We do what we can to keep the prices low, but at times there are just too many things that are out of our control. Since we are a small business, the banks seem to think that in order to provide us with good service, it is important for them to charge us extra for their services.

At this time it is far too expensive for us to offer payment by credit card. Quick calculations suggest that in order to cover the bank and transaction fees, we would have to raise our prices at least 5%. As such we have decided that, for the present time, we will continue to be a cash (cash, cheque or money order) business. We can also accept PayPal and e-payments.


We usually ship your orders via Canada Post Expedited Service. They claim that delivery in Canada is within three business days, but experience tells otherwise. Please allow a little longer. Of course if you would rather have your order shipped by another method, we would be happy to do so, but the cost is usually a little higher.


Of course there's taxes! We collect HST or GST  on almost all products. If we ship outside of Ontario, there will be an appropriate omission of taxes, as applicable, on your invoice.